Manage Every Aspect of your Business

Sage ERP (300 & X3) is an affordableeasy-to implementcomplete business management solution designed specifically for small and midsize enterprises. Sage ERP is a complete solution comprising of all the core functions needed to run a growing business including Accounting and Financials, Inventory and Distribution, Sales and CRM, Production and MRP, Reporting and Administration, Human Resources and Service Management. 

Take Control of Your Finances

The advanced accounting functionality of SAGE ERP (300 & X3) empowers you with easy analysis of your financial strengths and weaknesses; control over expenditure, and accurate, on-time financial reporting. Plus, full automation means you spend less time on paperwork, and more time making better business decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Gain insight and control over all financial transactions
  • Improve cash flow and forecasting
  • Make month-end an efficient, streamlined process
  • Reduce accounting errors and ensure compliance

Key Capabilities

  • Automates common accounting tasks
  • Handles all financial transactions
  • Aggregates all financial data into a single, unified system
  • Connects people, processes and information
  • Manages supplier contracts and transactions

Dashboard that helps get an overview of your finances

Keep Track of Your Staff

With SAGE ERP (300 or X3) you get the Human Resource module included. Easy-to-access records and reports streamline your correspondence, keep track of absences by manager, department or individual, and improve interactions with your people. All the tools you need to monitor, analyse and improve staff performance.

Key Benefits

  • Easy analysis of employee and salary overheads means you keep costs down
  • Maximise productivity with absence and holiday tracking
  • Improve employee relation as you grow with instant access to job history, salary and bonus information
  • Mitigate risks with quick access to dependent and next of kin details
  • Improve communication

Key Capabilities

  • Absence and holiday management and tracking
  • Performance reviews and personal development plans storage
  • Organisation charts and CV storage
  • Create, view, print and store standard or custom reports

Track your staff from a single convient point

Streamline Your Supply Chain

The integrated warehouse and inventory management tools in SAGE ERP (300 or X3) enable you to manage your supply chain by providing reliable information about inbound and outbound shipments as well as current inventory levels. With the advanced functionality available with SAGE ERP (300 or X3), you can access essential buying information, monitor performance, improve customer service and operate more profitably.

Key Benefits

  • Make efficiency gains with automated processes
  • Improve customer service with on-time delivery and fewer shortages and stock-outs
  • Get control of your supply chain with accurate reports and forecasts
  • Reduce inventory costs with improved visibility, control and planning
  • Improve business insight with powerful warehouse and inventory reporting tools

Key Capabilities

  • Keep track of product inventory, quantity at each warehouse, movement history, and stock levels
  • Various costing models; multiple units of measure and pricing
  • Goods receipt and issue control; stock transfer tracking; consignments, drop-ship and other orders
  • Easy report creation with data that is regularly refreshed; display in various report formats or as dashboards

Easily streamline your supply chain

Gain Competitive Advantage

SAGE (300 or X3) offers a simple yet powerful planning system so you can cut costs, improve processes and increase revenues. With SAGE (300 or X3) your Production and MRP software is integrated with accounts and CRM functionality in one complete system, enabling you and your management team to gain real insight, visibility and control over key processes.

Key Benefits

  • Improve supplier and customer relationships with just-in-time production process planning
  • Free your capital with reduced inventory and more accurate forecasting
  • Raise customer satisfaction levels with improved quality, capacity and materials control
  • Improve efficiency, make savings and cut costs

Key Capabilities

  • Define a multi-level BOM for complex products
  • Instantly check the availability of all products or materials
  • Easy tracking of all material transactions and costs
  • Create standard, special or disassembly production orders
  • Convert production orders to work orders
  • Convert production orders to purchase orders
  • Use the MRP wizard to create demand forecasts and avoid stock-outs

Get the competitive edge using the slick tablet app

Transform Your Reports

SAGE (300 or X3) includes one of the world’s leading reporting tools as standard. Crystal Reports allows users to design, explore and deliver reports as desired. More importantly, once-static reports are transformed into powerful, dynamic and actionable business tools. 

Crystal Reports empowers users to explore reports with powerful analysis tools. Small businesses can save time and money developing and designing interactive reports with embedded functionality allowing flexible report parameters. 

With easy access to up-to-date reports and fast drill-down to data, you’ll gain instant visibility of business-critical information. This means your whole team will be able to make fast, accurate decisions and take actions that lead to measurable results. 

Key Benefits

  • Track information on sales, customers, operations and financials
  • Receive snap-shots on complex reports 
  • Set defined fields to tailor reports 
  • Real-time reports created in seconds

Sage includes one of the world’s leading reporting tools as standard.