ERP & CRM Consulting Services

To improve your odds for a successful ERP implementation start with us - an ERP consulting partner who offers a comprehensive range of essential services from ERP selection and business change management to ERP customisation, integration training and strategic planning.

End-to-End ERP Consulting Services

Our veteran ERP consultants are capable of offering guidance and support at every stage of the ERP implementation process. These abilities include:

  • ERP Selection - Rigorous ERP selection ensures that your organisation is matched with ERP software tailored to best fit your industry needs, business challenges and budget. Ahead of the Curve Business Consulting offers helpful ERP selection tools to educate your team on their best ERP options.
  • ERP Implementation - Nothing has a bigger impact on the successful outcome of your ERP implementation project than the consulting team you trust with the future of your business. By working with our seasoned ERP implementation specialists you combine proven, best-practice implementation methodology with unmatched industry experience, business acumen and technical expertise.

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  • ERP Customisation - Today’s ERP software is designed with powerful features and industry capabilities right out of the box. Our ERP solutions are also easily tailored to handle your unique industry requirements and specific business processes, and our integration experts use the latest technology tools to ensure smart, value-added ERP customisations.
  • ERP Integration - Extend the power of your ERP solution across your entire organisation by integrating critical business systems. We provide cost-effective, seamless ERP integration using web services, .Net development and Iman software integration technologies.
  • ERP & CRM Training - Build on the technical skills of your users and ensure your team takes advantage of the many benefits of your ERP systems by using our effective and convenient ERP training courses to help your users and technical teams better utlise the software.
  • Post-Deployment ERP Support - Contemplating whether it’s time to upgrade your ERP software or move on to the next phase of an ERP implementation? Need additional technical support after implementation?  We can help.

Contact Ahead of the Curve Business Consulting for a free ERP upgrade assessment and strategic system review. Learn how our ERP professionals can help your organisation ensure continuous business process improvement with your ERP solution.