Project Management

At Ahead of the Curve, our business is customer relationships. The key to building successful relationships is to deliver beyond the client’s expectations. With this philosophy in mind we work closely with a circle of trusted partners to facilitate every business need that a client may have. For more information please click on one of our Partner links.

Project Management

In order for a business system implementation to be successful, the consultant should have a thorough knowledge of the industry and the challenges it faces – at Ahead of the Curve we have extensive experience in the following industries.

  • Finance
  • Auditing
  • Distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Hospitality and leisure
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Professional services
  • Engineering

During any project, certain disciplines are key to the successful implementation of a business software solution that meets your needs. And we are proud to offer the best practice project implementation plan in the business. Below are just some of the major implementation disciplines that we offer. Make sure that whatever ERP product is selected for implementation, these steps are followed.

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Detailed Needs Analysis

This is a process whereby we investigate your requirements and needs in detail to establish, as comprehensively as possible, the existing business process and issues that need to be resolved in building your business system. The results of this study are documented and accepted as a comprehensive business requirement. This document becomes the basis of any solutions offering.


The specifications of the installation would be our deliverables to meet the needs analysis and business requirements that flow from it. This document would specify which needs are being met and which ones will not be met. Where we are unable to meet your requirements, this is documented together with a proposed solution. This document becomes the basis for signoff on completion of the project.

Benchmark tests

This is a process where the specified system is tested and the deliverables confirmed. This requires considerable resources to complete and is often termed a mini-implementation. This phase consists of creating an exact or similar installation on a single PC. This is then demonstrated and tested, often forming an experimental platform to confirm processes and even design changes or new specifications.

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Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements depend on the options implemented. You have existing servers that are capable of being used to meet your immediate needs.  Typical requirements would be a server with sufficient resources to run a database and application. There should not be any other resource intensive applications on the same server. An example would be Exchange Server.


Sage 300 ERP provides a choice of databases. These include Pervasive SQL, Microsoft SQL or Oracle. At this stage we suggest MS-SQL 2008 R2 Standard edition. You would source this from your IT supplier. If not, we are able to supply this product.


All the above hardware and software products need to be installed and configured. Existing systems need to be integrated and the complete site tested.

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Training will be to 'administrative' level for some 'users' and user level for others. The administrator level training will allow the responsible site administrator to implement the system and train users, if training others is their responsibility. Should these resources be required, but not available, we would also be able to provide user training - training depends on the modules being ordered.


This is billed on an hourly basis and is totally dependent on user requirements, availability of data, structure of data and many other factors. This also includes customisation of the Sage 300 ERP applications and workflow, to specification. Allowance should also be made for any custom reports.
In general, for a new installation, implementation budgets should equal the software component of the budget. The savings are then based on your own input to the project. It is possible not to require any of our skills during this phase, but some provision should be made.


The system will be handed over in stages as determined by the final contract, the specifications and the successful benchmark testing. As each requirement stage is met, this will be handed over.
At this time, you may wish to consider a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to meet the business requirements of maximum availability of resources. We would be pleased to provide you with such a proposal.

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We are able to provide customisation at most levels. As Sage 300 ERP Development Partners we are able to customise most of the functions to meet your business requirements.  These may include desktop as well as Web-based developments. We would be pleased to quote on any of these requirements and these would normally be determined by the time the Benchmark testing is complete. However, often these requirements only become a need as the product is used and windows of opportunity open up.

Project Management

Project management of the system implementation is one of the most important disciplines. Management of all these processes is key to a successful and value-added implementation; to track any issues that may occur and to resolve them in a timely manner. Each implementation is unique and has its own challenges and these challenges are best overcome with a well-managed project.


We work closely together with ALLTEK to distribute IMan, a cost-effective Sage 300 ERP integration tool for the Southern African market. We have the in-house skills to assist with any integration that a Sage 300 ERP Business Partner or Client might need. The main focus of the product is integration made simple and speed of setup. Please contact us for more details on IMan.


Sage 300 ERP offers its ClientCare package which ensures that your software is always up to date. This is an annual fee based on the current pricing of modules. It is mandatory in the first year and optional thereafter. It is the only mechanism whereby products are kept updated on an annual basis.

At Ahead of the Curve, we offer a monthly SLA (Service Level Agreement) package, which guarantees service within a specified time determined in the contract. We would be responsible for all support on the products installed or covered by the agreement. Should an SLA not be in place, support is available on a first-come-first-served basis.